3Ds Max

3Ds MAX is one of the most powerful designing software that provides comprehensive 3D modeling, rendering, animation, and composting solutions for different industries. The software was developed by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. The application is rich in modeling capabilities, has a flexible plugin architecture and can be used on Microsoft Windows Platform. The very first 3d max was created for the DOS platform. Later with the demand and the growth of the need, the latest version was launched. With this particular program, the Auto shade program got obsolete now. Now, this particular program finds wide varieties of usage in many places.

Here are the features which make you fall in love with this program. Use it for these benefits of the program:

  • 3D is having the MAX script which is the built-in script language of the program. It is best known for the automated repetitive task performed.
  • Character studio is a plug-in added first in the version 4 of the 3d max. this particular plug-in helps to animate a virtual character
  • Scene Explorer is a tool that helps to provide the hierarchical view of the scene data. This helps in working with complex scenes
  • DWG import supports both importing and linking of the DWG files.
  • General Keyframing is having two key modes- set key and auto key. They support the various keyframing workflows.
  • Skinning is the program which helps in controlling the skeletal deformation. So that the animation can be done with smooth joint movements.
  • Integrated cloth solver helps to build any garments from scratch and also turns any 3D objects into clothing.
  • Autodesk vault helps in tracking files and the work in progress.
  • Max creation graph enables the users to create modifier, geometry and user’s plug-in.

This particular program finds great usage in the fields like cartoon making, animation movie making, advertisement making, architectural designs, industry requiring the 3 D object models and many others.


Course Objectives

The course Max for Engineers/Architects will help students and professionals to learn and master 3ds MAX software tool. The candidates will also learn the basics of 3D modeling and texturing along with 3D rendering. The powerful course will increase the productivity and performance of the individual. Overall, the course will help the students master the software and enhance their productivity.

About Our Course

3D max animation course is being done at the CADD Center New Alipore training services. This is Kolkata’s Number one training institute. Our goal is to reach out to more students interested in CADD designing. The founder and mentor of the CADD is Mr. Suranjan Bhanja, a graduate from IIT Kharagpur presented this institute for making techs students more skilled. The new center would be providing the students with world-class training for their best knowledge at the CADD designing. This is the best AutoCAD 3Ds max training center in Kolkata.

Since most of the AutoCAD industries are into the 3D world, so 3D designing is must in the CAD industry. IT has a huge opportunity while you enter into the world of jobs. A course done over this program will surely help them to get a good job at any of the MNCs. Moreover, this extra skill would also keep them ahead in competition with the other person into the same job application.