Mx Road

MX Road is an excellent string-based modeling tool that enables the rapid and accurate design of all types of roads. Individuals such as civil engineers, designers, surveyors, system designers can access 3D modeling, construction driven engineering, and other analysis all in one engineering application. MX Road contributes to improving the quality of designs by combining traditional engineering workflow profile and cross sections with 3D modeling technology.

Course Objectives

This MX Road course aims to help you excel various features of the software, such as Interoperable Database that means creation and annotation of 3D project models. It will also help you to learn digital terrain model creation and integration with Google Earth.


Course Highlight:

This course renders essential skills to design idea roads with design detailing, saving your lot of time. Upon the completion of This course, you will be able to:

  • Design 2D and 3D drainage design
  • Visualize information-rich model with mapping
  • Building horizontal and vertical alignments
  • Automate production of contract drawings
  • Design storm drainage, water, and sewer system
  • Pavement and subgrade design
  • Road and junction design


Role in the Indusrty:

This software renders everything that one needs in transportation and civil design projects. It supports in survey and data acquisition for all types of the data field. It performs following functions within the industry:

  • It assures that project is engineered which is very critical for the 3D model
  • It allows users to share information across various teams, locations, and discipline in consideration to security and precision
  • Enables design-time visualization to view the design on the fly and save money by avoiding software and staff requirement