STADD.Pro is a structural analysis and design software based on the finite element method. It is capable of analyzing and designing civil engineering structures such as buildings, bridges, plane and space trusses. It can generate loads (wind and earthquake) as per building codes of selected countries. It can carry out the design of steel and reinforced concrete buildings as per the codes of selected countries. It can carry out linear elastic (static and dynamic) and nonlinear dynamic analysis (although I am not sure how good the nonlinear analysis algorithms are, not having used those features). It has a simple and easy to learn user interface. It is currently developed by Bentley Systems Inc. It was originally developed by Research Engineers Inc. in California. It was one of the earliest structural analysis and design software with a user-friendly GUI and support for building codes of countries other than US, UK, and other developed countries.



Advantage of using Staad.Pro Software:

  • Faster method of designing the structure.
  • Does not involve any manual calculation.
  • Suitable for almost all types material for designing i. e. Concrete, Steel, Aluminium etc.
  • Shows accuracy in results i. e. Shear Force, Bending moment diagram for each and every beam and column of the structure. That you were doing manually.
  • Shows result for Number of reinforcements used longitudinally Shear reinforcement.
  • Helps you to make improvement in structure, section, dimensions.
  • You can design structure for any type of load i. e. Dead load, Live load, wind load, snow load, area load, floor load etc.
  • You can design simple beam to skyscraper and analyse whether it will fail at applied load or pass.
  • You can import designs from auto CAD to stadd.Pro
  • Easy to learn.