ETABS is an engineering software product that caters to multi-story building analysis and design. Modeling tools and templates, code-based load prescriptions, analysis methods and solution techniques, all coordinate with the grid-like geometry unique to this class of structure. Basic or advanced systems under static or dynamic conditions may be evaluated using ETABS. For a sophisticated assessment of seismic performance, modal and direct-integration time-history analyses may couple with P-Delta and Large Displacement effects. Nonlinear links and concentrated PMM or fiber hinges may capture material nonlinearity under monotonic or hysteretic behavior. Intuitive and integrated features make applications of any complexity practical to implement. Interoperability with a series of design and documentation platforms makes ETABS a coordinated and productive tool for designs which range from simple 2D frames to elaborate modern high-rises.




  • ETABS allows user for Graphic input and modification for the sake of easy and quick model creation for any type of structure.
  • Creation of 3D model with the utilization of plan views and elevations, 3D model of any kind of complex structure can be created easily.
  • With the help of similar story concept creation of the 3D model is very easy and quick. If the stories are similar then the model generation time can be reduced multiple time through similar story concept.
  • Editing of the model is very easy. Moving an object from one position to other, combining two or more objects using merge command, making the similar object using Mirror command and make a copy of any object in the same level of different story level.
  • Drawing of an object with most accuracy using snap command consisting of the end, perpendicular and middle or some other options.
  • Creation of object is very quick for any type of object like a beam, column, slab, wall, etc. with one click of the mouse.
  • Easy navigation through multiple viewing of windows. This feature allows you to create or edit your model very easily with a real time view.
  • Create your model and editing has been easy through 3D view with a different type of zoom option as well as panning command for moving the whole model easily without any rotation.
  • Different view option of the 3D model including a plan view, any side elevation view, and also customization view created by the modeler.
  • Graphical insertion of the sectional dimension of any kind of shape and material through section designer. Almost all types of shape of various members are available in this program.



  • The input, output and numerical solution techniques of ETABS are specifically designed to take advantage of the unique physical and numerical characteristics associated with building type structures. As a result, this analysis and design tool expedites data preparation, output interpretation and execution throughput.
  • The need for special purpose programs has never been more evident as Structural Engineers put non-linear dynamic analysis into practice and use the greater computer power available today to create larger analytical models.
  •  Over the past two decades, ETABS has numerous mega-projects to its credit and has established itself as the standard of the industry. ETABS software is clearly recognized as the most practical and efficient tool